Praying for a Facebook Page

Pray for a Facebook page? Yes! You read the title correctly.

With the advent of social media, our world has gotten a lot smaller.  Our neighbors are no longer just those people living in the two-story split-level with attached garage across the street.

It’s the person you play Farmville with every night that lives in a studio apartment in Budapest, Hungary.

It’s the close friend you find in the person from Ireland that sends you a friend request because of a comment you place on another Facebook page.

Let’s face it, our world has gotten incredibly smaller.


Recently, my church launched it’s very own page on the popular social media website and we hope and pray to tie into our mission statement which is “Making disciples for Jesus, reaching our world with His heart and His ways.”

We are not one of those mega churches you hear about with thousands of attendees every Sunday.  We’re a small church situated on the West side of Aurora, Illinois.  But it is not the number of people in the pews. It’s the love and acceptance that they show. It’s the size of their hearts to do the will of God that matters.

I have only been attending this church for about a year and a half, but I can tell you that this church has a heart bigger for God and his ministry than some churches I have attended in my life.

That’s not to say we haven’t had the same issues that many churches do with such a diverse group of people, but God continues to bless the ministry of this church in ways that continue to move me.

We have been blessed with leaders after God’s own heart, bringing God’s word to us each weekend in new, relevant, thought provoking ways.  Many pastors preach the Sunday sermon.  My pastors go beyond and actually teach the Word of God and how to practically apply it to our lives.

We have wonderful people dedicated to working with our children and youth, helping raise them with sound Biblical principles.

Our missions to other countries and our very own community in Aurora, continues to bless people every day.

I could go on but I think you have the idea.


I know many, that are not familiar with social media, would have thought that adding a Facebook page for a church would only serve our own regular attendees and not be thought of as a ministry.

Since we launched the page just two weeks ago, not counting the United States, we have reached people in 14 different countries. Those are people that may have never heard  or seen the word of God before.   We have been able to reach people in Russia, Thailand, Germany and Malaysia just to name a few.

A Facebook page is a ministry?  Those people, from all over the world, are proof that God can use any and every means to bring people to him.

Pray for a Facebook page?

Why not?

If God could make a donkey talk, why couldn’t he use social media to connect His people to the people that need Him the most?

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