My Top Ten Experiences; Playing for the other team can have some weird and funny moments.

I was recently having a conversation with a good female friend and we got to talking and laughing about some of my experiences I have had since I transitioned from a very sheltered guy to living full time as a woman who enjoys life.  I got to thinking; why not share some of those experiences with you.  I’ve learned that to survive transition, you have to learn to laugh at some of the things you experience, love playing for the other team and take everything as acceptance into the world of being a woman.

So here is my top ten, in no particular order, experiences that I would never have had as a guy.

1)      Being hit on by a sweet, elderly gentleman a few weeks after coming to work as Meggan.  And when I say elderly I mean well into his 90’s (of course his 60 year old daughter burst my bubble when she told me he does that with all the young women.  As I proceeded to think about the whole thing, I realized I could take that two ways. I could be put out by knowing that he was just a flirt and I was no one special. OR  I could take it as a compliment knowing that for a 40 yr old woman, someone still considers me young.  I think I’ll take the latter)

2)      Being called sweetie, hun, or darling by total strangers and some of them truly strange (input full body shiver here)

3)      Being able to play the “damsel in distress” when your car breaks down and being able to get put at the front of the line at the repair shop.

4)      Being patronized at the car repair shop by the same guys you talked shop with a year earlier before transition.

5)      Talking bra sizes with your mother. (Conversations have definitely taken a turn with my mom at times. nearly over night we were having conversations a mom just doesn't have with a son. These were definitely mother/daughter talks.  I learn a about a lot of things I never knew about her before.   That was cool.)

6)      Being on vacation and having to borrow a slip and nylons from your mother, because you packed the wrong ones. (Growing up, I had secretly raided her dresser and closet more times than I can count. How she never knew is beyond me.)

7)      Being able to cry to get out of a traffic ticket. That was fun, (been pulled over three times since I changed my name and my life and haven’t gotten a ticket yet. Of course, now that I have boasted that to the universe,  I will get pulled over for something stupid on the way to church this weekend)

8)      Crying for no apparent reason.  (I went through 3 months or so of what I can only describe as the closest I will ever get to PMS as the new female hormones started to take control of my body.  Bitchy one minute, crying the next.  Essentially I went through puberty twice, once in my teens as a boy then in my 40's as a girl.  So all of you parents of teenage girls out there will know what I was like.  Of course my normally supportive female friends didn’t have much sympathy for me. In their words “we had no choice, you on the other hand, asked for it.”  That I did.)

9)       A.  Being in a crowded bar and one of your girl friends leaning over and whisper in your ear “do you have a tampon in your purse?”

B.    Actually having a tampon in your purse.


10)   AND finally! I will leave you with this one, something  many guys would never want to be found dead at –


drum roll please  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


. .  .  .  .  .  being invited to a Slumber Party (a.k.a. a “sex toy” party).




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