The Locker Room; A unique place to find confidence in myself

Let’s face it. Going to the gym can be an exercise in self loathing, diminished self confidence and the over whelming urge to hide every minute role of flesh that plagues our very existence. We come up with millions of excuses, I mean reasons, to avoid the mental and physical torture every day. And before... Read more »

Illinois takes steps with new laws to protect transgender community

Illinois takes steps with new laws to protect transgender community
Regardless of the lack of a budget in Illinois, those elected to represent the people of the State have not been sitting on their hands. With bipartisan majorities, including support from Republican leaders in both the Illinois House and Senate, January 1st, 2016 will bring three new laws to the State that mark a significant... Read more »

Defining Success is a personal thing

How do you define success? Do you define it by monetary means? Do you define it by personal connections? Can we be successful in one aspect in life and still be waiting, working towards success in other areas of life? These questions are ones that we all tackle at one time or another. For as... Read more »

Looking for a Happy Ending

So many of us are looking to the future for that storybook ending to our life. The present circumstances that surround us just don’t seem to add up to the happy ending we desire. It was after I had a very deep conversation with my good friend and fellow ChicagoNow blogger Lea Grover where I... Read more »

The first person I told I was transgender probably isn't who you might think

Growing up knowing you are transgender but not having the courage to say anything was, oh let’s say, like walking on eggshells in a minefield. Let’s add to that the confusion of my own sexual orientation and living in the ultra conservative Western suburbs of Chicago. Through out my life, I have only had 4... Read more »

Let the court record show my Christian parents love their transgender daughter

A parent’s love for their child is probably one of the strongest bonds we as humans can ever have with another person. If you are a parent, you know in your heart of hearts that it’s a bond that is created long before you ever met your child. It’s a bond that should be unbreakable.... Read more »

I am Cait is a reality show I can relate to

I will be honest right up front. As a voice, albeit an extremely small voice, I find myself needing to be painfully honest on this. Over the past month I have grown a bit dubious and personally divided over the huge hoopla over Caitlyn Jenner. I will applaud until the day I die the courage... Read more »

The Chicago Tribune owes the transgender community an apology

The Chicago Tribune owes the transgender community an apology
It has been nearly a week since we all saw the unveiling of Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair. In the time that has past, there have been countless articles, blog posts, radio and television shows that have taken on the topic Caitlyn Jenner and being transgender. I am used to negative, ignorant... Read more »

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On
Keep Calm and Carry On! This was one of the mottoes of Great Brittan’s propaganda posters in the late 1930′s during World War II, though this particular poster was never seen by the public until over 50 years later. Owners of a used book store in the northern part of England discovered it in a... Read more »

Will legalism be the death of the Christian church

When it comes to talking about legalism in the church, people start to get a little squirmy, uncomfortable and even a little defensive.  We want to think that legalism is for those cults and sects like the Branch Davidians or Sciencetology. But legalism has crept in on a more subtle level and has become a... Read more »
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    Meggan Sommerville is a Christian transgender woman with a heart for educating others about the transgender community and her faith in her Savior, Jesus Christ. Her career life has taken her on a variety of adventures, from being a veterinary technician in the Western burbs of Chicago to being an EMT/Paramedic, EMS instructor, and a paid on call firefighter for Bolingbrook , Illinois. Since 1998, she has been the frame shop manager for a national craft retailer. You can contact Meggan via email at or find her on Facebook at Trans Girl at the Cross

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