Eggy's: Was it Worth the Effort?

Recently I needed to know if doughnuts were worth the wait.  This time I needed to know if a particular breakfast was worth the effort.

Last Spring, I had heard about a new restaurant named Eggy's Diner that had just opened in town.  It is just north of Millennium Park so I decided to try and find it.  The only problem was that I had to try to find it twice.  The menu on their website was so appealing that I didn't just quit after looking once, I was bound to find it.  (Food motivates me.)  The first time I looked, I had the address in my head, the location in my imagination, and the 101 degree sun beating down on my back, so I quit.  This time, I called my bravest friend, and we started out early so we still had the will to push on.

My handy dandy Google Map said we had to walk around, not cut through, to get to Benton Place off of Randolph.  (After walking from Ogilvie, it was probably why I didn't find it the first time. That and I am kind of a free spirit on taking a chance with directions.  I like to walk as the crow flies. )  Just follow the directions and you'll be fine.  Also as you can see, if you are staying at the Hyatt Regency or the Sheraton on the river it is walking distance too.


What a relief to see this sign!  Yummy food, coming up!

(There is a great little fenced-in dog park across the street, so if you have little ones, watching the pups may be a great reward for "doin' what you're supposed to do".)


There is a warm vibe the second you walk in (and a huge neon arrow) and you just know that it has been worth the effort... to walk around the block ...and not try to cut through ...and get lost ...and quit.  They need to put a few of these arrows on the way!

The menu is overwhelming, not because of the size, but because of the choices!  So unique and tempting.  Seriously, just go with lots of friends and a couple of lazy Susan's, order everything and just keep spinning the food to try it all.  (The spinning trivet that is, not your laziest friends named Susan.  They won't want to walk around the block and will cut through and will get lost.)


So after lots of hemming and hawing, we chose this.  Eggy's Benedict.  This has already been split, it was TWICE THIS SIZE!

The "maple glazed pork, and the cornbread waffle, and the brown butter hollandaise" almost killed us with deliciousness.  Are ya kiddin' me?  Maple Glazed pulled pork and a corned bread waffle?   It also had a perfect poached eggy.  Died-and-gone-to-heaven good.  For those self-proclaimed foodies out there,  GO TO EGGY'S. It is worth the effort.

Here you go, you're going to need this...333 East Benton Place,  Chicago.

I can't wait to go back for a dinner, or lunch, or dessert, or...




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