Doughnut Vault: Was it Worth the Wait?

The other night when I was catching up on the news, I read a post that Taylor Swift had just released a new song and was shown sharing it with an intimate group via YouTube on her Vevo channel (aka~ the universe).  I told my teenage daughter, who was lounging on the couch, about it and she said, "Thanks! Got it!"  I said, "Got it?" She said, "Ya, I just bought it."  It seems that every teenager that heard that news did the exact same thing because within one hour it had already shot to #1 on the Billboard charts. Fastest song ever to climb the charts.  Immediate purchase.  My daughter didn't have to leave the couch. No counting her money.  No standing in line.  No waiting until the morning when the store opened.  It gives new meaning to the phrase "No waiting on-line 1!"

For those of you that have enjoyed a Sprinkles Cupcake or maybe a bag, tin, or barrel of Garrett Popcorn, you know the agony of driving or walking there and waiting in line.  Now Garrett has locations all over town to cut down on the wait time.  (The one on Ontario, which was the original one on Michigan Avenue, still has incredible lines of tourists getting their fix.)   And now Sprinkles has an ATM cupcake vending machine outside of their store to cut down on the lines and the "waiting".  No waiting needed. "No waiting in-line 1!"

Waiting.  Patience is a virtue that is not that necessary anymore. We can get virtually anything when we want it.  Same day service even, if you are willing to pay.  Except at The Doughnut Vault.

The anticipation of getting something can either create disappointment or make the "Get" that much better.  I have been anticipating this particular pilgrimage all summer.  I spent most of the summer chasing kids and a dog so I have been putting this trip off, but have been regularly following their daily posts that look like this...

I heard about The Doughnut Vault last spring and have had it in the back of my mind ever since.  The "faster than the speed of life" way these days makes this delayed train trip even a little more anticipated.  I had to wait. (Now you are saying to yourself...You mean to tell me, you took the train to go get doughnuts?  Yes.  Yes, I did. And I did it all for you.  Sort of.)  You have to get up early enough to be there when they open...and for time freaks like me, even before they open to stand in line.  Every 30 minutes or so they tweet or post what kinds of doughnuts are left and how many people are waiting.  They have been taunting me with their flavors.  I have been reading these ALL summer.  Can you imagine my angst?

They open with a definite number of doughnuts and close when they are gone.  No exceptions.  When they are out, you are out of luck.

This is what the line looked like when I got there.  But not stretched around the corner.  Maybe since it was Friday and everyone had been good about working out.  Or maybe because they had packed lunch all week and this was their reward.  Or maybe it is just that these are THAT good.  There were people that looked like they came down in their pajamas and stick-up hair.  There were people that got in line, got out of line and got back in line because they just couldn't decide if the wait was worth it.  There were people who decided that they just couldn't wait and left.  Waiting is hard.

Some of the comments I heard were...GOOD GOD, these must be good doughnuts!  and I have never seen the line this long!  and OMG!  ...I treated it as "research" and sometimes you just have to wait.  And admire the scenery...

The Doughnut Vault masterminds have this thing figured out, I tell ya.  They don't feel the urge to have multiple counters.  They don't feel the urge to give you free WiFi and a leather couch with a fireplace.  They don't even have public restrooms.  No need.  You aren't in there that long.

This is what it looks like once inside.  See?  No frills.  One register with one hard working doughnut slinger.  She packed them for each customer so quickly, she looked like she was doing a doughnut dance.

Was it worth the wait?  Yes.  Yes it was.  I feel bad for the people who were still in line when this tweet happened.

Patience is a virtue, but so is acceptance.

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