They're Ba-ack! ...French and Farmer's Markets Along the UP-West Line

Yesterday Tom Skilling reported on Garry Meier's WGN afternoon radio show that the last 6 months have been sunnier and warmer than normal.  I can't remember the detailed stats Tom rattled off, but it has been YEARS since we have had this nice of a spring season.  (Spring in Illinois usually lasts an hour and a half between heat and air conditioning.)  You may have noticed the lack of seasonal depression and complaining by your loved ones this year!  (That would be me.)   Even on those very rare cold days, it has been so sunny.

This bodes well for the outdoor French or Farmer's Market that are opening up all over.  I have been to the Wheaton French Market regularly, but thought I would try the Geneva French Market for a change.  It is so handy for train riders because it is actually in the Metra parking lot.  The market is here every Sunday through Autumn.  The later the season goes there will be much more produce.

Mother's Day was the perfect sunny warm day and as we all know mothers get to do anything they want on this day, so the French Market it was.  (We loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly...Hills that is...swimming pools... movie stars....and our dog, Sadie.)  It is always good to hold your kids captive when you have a chance.

The French Market was filled with fresh veggies...

fresh flowers...

fresh fruit...

Hydrangeas ...

lovely, live music...(she was really good, by the way)

organic soaps...

French linens...

and "The World's Greatest Blueberries"...

We purchased pastries, and candy.  Specifically homemade toffee, peanut brittle, caramels, and peanut butter cups, to be exact. (No fruit and veggies on Mother's Day for me!)

We headed north on 3rd Street for some breakfast and a great walk through town.  If you haven't ever been to Geneva, it is really worth the trip.  The old homes on 3rd Street are all renovated into stores and they couldn't be cuter.  Here are just a few photos.  You will have to visit Geneva to see the rest.

The Paper Merchant


I am sure my husband and daughter were sick of me saying, "When I come back, I am going to eat there."  because there are so many places that I NEED ok, WANT to try.   Hop on the Up-West line and head to Geneva.  You will be glad you did.


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