Go-Go-Go, Joe! ...Another Great CYT Performance

Go-Go-Go, Joe! ...Another Great CYT Performance

After watching Annie last weekend, I couldn't stop thinking about the energy of the kids in that production and decided to go-go-go again this weekend to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The Aurora CYT did not let me down.  Another fabulous performance from a cast of thousands.  Ok, maybe not thousands, but A LOT.

This time the musical was at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre.

This facility is attached to Batavia High School.  It is a gorgeous, brand new facility with comfortable seating and not a bad view in the house.  It is not your run of the mill high school auditorium.  In fact, I wouldn't call it an auditorium at all. It was d e f i n i t e l y  a theater.

Again, the ages ranged from tiny tots to first year college students.   Joseph (Mark Barlow), was terrific as the lead.  His voice was mature and he carried himself with charisma and confidence.  "Close Every Door" brings down the house complete with a light show.

The narrator (Deanna Goleman), led the entire group throughout the show like a seasoned veteran.  The rest of the cast appeared to be following her as if she was the pied piper. They made each other look good.  From the Elvis impersonator, to Joseph's Brothers, to the Pharaoh, and the school children, the melding of the group voices was totally uplifting.  (and the addition of a rap, hysterical)  The kids couldn't have been having more fun...and neither could the audience.

If you were hooked like me and saw Donny Osmond as "Joseph"  (ahem, seven times)  when it was in Chicago in the 90's, this current production will make you very happy.  This perfomance brings back many great memories of the music, humor, and choreography.  If you loved it back then, you are in luck, because this youthful Joseph is still in Batavia this afternoon and next weekend and you will love it again.

For $12?  Are ya kidding me?  You need to go.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.jpg

Click on the links below for a list of cities and shows.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Aurora @ the Batavia Fine Arts Center, Feb 16-26

Aladdin - McHenry@Huntley High School, Feb 16-26

Wizard of Oz - NW Cook @ Prairie Lakes Community Center, Feb 9-19

The Sound of Music - Kenosha @Reuther Auditorium, March 1-4

Beauty and the Beast - Rockford @ Rockford College, March 1-11

Godspell - Milwaukee @St. Thomas Moore  HS, March 23- April 1

The Music Man - Dupage @Timothy Christian School Auditorium, May 3-12


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  • Again, Thanks, Maureen! I'm heading down to Batavia right now, to take my daughter to see this show. :) Now, I cordially invite you to "Aladdin" in McHenry next weekend! It's short, the Disney version - so perfect for little ones, and a spectacle for the eyes. :) Again, thank you for the kind words about CYT...we stumbled upon these shows 5 yrs ago, when we moved to Chicagoland, and now my kids are active actors. It's a great program for all ages!

  • I can't stop now...I'll be there. Way too much fun. If anyone ever questions what our youth are doing "these days", they need to see these kids.

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    :D I'm so glad that you enjoyed the show!!! I was one of the wives and we've all had so much fun! Thanks for supporting CYT in this way :) It's sooooo cool to see that someone appreciates all the hard work that each county puts into their shows!

  • In reply to KyraJo:

    It was so fun to watch. I think I am going again, because after my husband read this article, he wants to go so....Aladdin - Joseph double feature this weekend!

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