3 Up, 3 Down

3 Up, 3 Down

Before I was attacked by the Bubonic Plague/Typhoid Fever/Pig Flu this weekend, I was planning to attend three different events to write about for you.  All that changed with the Plague Fever Flu.

One was the Siskel Film Center on State Street.  Tickets were purchased and date acquired. (My golf-pro-husband-date would have been so happy to see this one ...You've Been Trumped! about a Scottish filmaker documenting "The Donald's" making of a golf course in the dunes of Scotland.)

The second was a concert in our hometown.  I was disappointed about this as well, because as many times as you can watch a performer on YouTube, there is nothing like seeing him in person, feeling the energy, and hearing the sound.  He is a music savant whose name is Tony DuBlois.

And the third was a cooking class.  I made it to the cooking class and I was not thrilled with the cooking class so I am not going to post about the cooking class.  I am only trying to give you good ideas to try, so I will give the cooking class  another chance in the future and possibly write abut the cooking class then. The cooking class that is.

What I DID get to do this weekend was revisit Pinterest.   It is virtually the same as saying I walked into a Crack House this weekend and stayed there for three days.  If you ever want to keep your job, clean your house, or ever feed your family again...don't go to Pinterest.  I had touched on it last summer, when I was curious, but I had too many things going on to really explore, but when I was sick this weekend I had a friend say to me..."I am surprised you are not on Pinterest."  My response..."It is the same reason I don't do Meth, Crack or Heroin."  ...so I went there.   Pinterest is the legal version of those.  The funniest (truest) quote I saw on the site this weekend was:

Pinned Image

...or laying in my bed for three days.

I need to figure out how to limit my interest in pinning or what others are pinning.

...Like only on a Thursday that is the 7th day of the month, or if it is February 29th in a leap year and it is cloudy, or if I have the Plague Fever Flu.  A chance happening might be all I can handle.  Now I am off to play catch-up for the last 3 days.  After just maybe one more look at those beautiful...

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