Next stop...France

As a family, we have always loved going in to THE city.  Chicago, that is.  I know that it seems big and scary to some or confusing and traffic-filled to others, but if you just do it, you won’t be sorry.  It can be so close, but also so far if you don’t take advantage of it.  If you’ve traveled to other big cities, you might agree that it is, by far, one of the cleanest, most beautiful cities.

With construction on the highways still in full swing, it is hit or miss on traffic, but we are now lucky enough to take the air-conditioned Metra. The UP-W line.  No parking hassles or prices and it forces you to walk when you get there.  It also is a good deterrent to keep me from shopping because I don’t want to carry any packages.

The station that our Metra line lands in is Ogilvie.  It is amazingly clean and feels like you are walking into a mini mall when you arrive.  It even has a Corner Bakery, Garrett’s Popcorn and Thai restaurant inside. But the greatest place is just a short walk to the back of the station on Canal Street.  It is a French Market.  It has bakery items, a meat market with fresh fish and steaks, and made to order anything.  I was lucky enough to be stopped by the manager of the market today when she saw me taking pictures. (It is amazing how dogs and cameras make people love to talk.)   Her name was Marian and she was happy to tell me about her wonderful market.  She has plans for more choices in the future to make it better, which I cannot even imagine because it is so cool already. It is hard to imagine that this is a train station.  Not dark and scary.  Incredibly eclectic and French.

This morning it was easy to take photos because it was not yet lunchtime, but the first time we were here it was bustling.

They had fresh fruit, vegetables, and a meat market with meat already marinated or seasoned ready for the grill.

Desserts upon mouth-wateringly beautiful desserts


Wine and cheeses…I know! Cannot believe this is a train station!

Breads and pastries

And did I mention they have desserts?

a Crepe stand?

Raw foods?


French Fries?


You can dine in, carry out, take classes, hear live music, or just wander and dream about eating without counting calories or you can pretend you just happened to take a train and accidentally didn’t get off until you were in France.

If you want to learn more, here is the link:

The location of Ogilvie is right up my alley too…

Yep…located right off of Randolph and Canal…it is just a few short blocks from …


and this…

and this…

and this…

(If you read really closely you can see that it is even hosting the PGA Ryder Cup Captains. Kicking and screaming may not have to be part of this theater visit, I predict.)

And this was just the first 1/2 hour I was there today. I will have to share the rest with you tomorrow, because I have so much more to show you.  The weather begged for walking today and walk we did.  Need Advil.  Need masseuse.  Need groceries.  Need more time to upload photos…check back for Part II.

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