Doggie Mama

Doggie Mama

Those who knew me when, KNOW I did not like dogs.

Past tense.



  • I did not want dogs to touch me,
  • sniff me,
  • slobber on me,
  • get hair on me,
  • annoy me,
  • sit on my feet,
  • try to get my attention,
  • or win over my affection. Period.

They were annoying. And they always found me, followed me and sat looking at me. I now think they knew. They knew I didn’t like them and, just like humans, did anything to figure out why.

Last summer when my about-to-be-16 year old begged for a dog, my about-to-be-44 year old husband agreed, without even a discussion. The elated feeling that followed because said about-to-be-16 year old was so happy, turned into fear when I realized it was “I” who was getting a dog.

So I am Sadie’s “Doggie Mama”. She is attached to my side.
Where I walk, she walks
When I eat, she eats
When I sleep, she sleeps
When I use the bathroom, …she waits outside. I have my limits.

Even my 16 year old is surprised at my new found love and acceptance.  Last night when I said, “Excuse me” to Sadie, she said, “Did you just say excuse me to a dog?”  yes. yes I did.

This just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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