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Shock Collar: Not Every Punishment Needs To Hurt

I’ve written a lot about the shock collar in the past.  In a very narrow set of circumstances, there is no better way of getting rid of problem behavior. However, a shock collar is far from the best solution for most of the problems. I have never used and have never needed a shock collar... Read more »

Positive Only Dog Training: There's Too Much Punishment

Too much of what is purported to be positive only dog training is anything but. I’ve seen adherents of positive only dog training talk about how horrible shock collars are, then proceed to yank a dog around to get it to come, sit or stay. The latest example of positive only dog training which uses... Read more »

Barking Dog: A Non-Intuitive Fix

I recently tried this technique for fixing a barking dog. It works. I don’t really know why, but it does. It took 5 minutes. My dog does this “stranger danger” bark when we have visitors. After a few minutes, the dog settles in, but, initially, the barking dog is driving me crazy. I like the... Read more »

Hunting Dog Training: Can It Be Done Without Aversives

A generation ago, hunting dog training was put off until the dog was a year old. This was done because the heavy reliance upon aversive techniques required some maturity in the dog. An aversive technique is anything that the dog finds unpleasant. It can be pain, or it can simply be annoying, like a squirt... Read more »

Climate Change Deniers Are Not Necessarily Wrong

There are climate change deniers and there are believers in this great greenhouse gas debate. Frankly, neither camp has proven its case, and a quick tour of history can demonstrate the scientific danger of aligning too quickly with one camp or another. In the early twentieth century, there was a scientist named Niels Bohr. He... Read more »

Bark Collars: Schaumburg Program Is Not Inhumane

The city of Schaumburg, Illinois is loaning out bark collars to residents. You can read about the program here. All the behaviorists are barking mad about this idea. They will tell you how inhumane these methods are, how stress levels rise, and how we need to be afraid of learned helplessness. This sounds pretty bad.... Read more »

Positive Reinforcement: Applying Dog Training Principles To Your Kids

I’ve been trying for a long time to get parents to try some true positive reinforcement techniques with their kids. I wanted these parents to run experiments for me…on my behalf. In all instances, no one took me up on it. No one took me up on this because I do not have kids. For... Read more »

Clicker Training: Do We Have To Give A Treat With Every Click

In the world of training dogs, clicker training is very popular and getting more popular every day. Clicker training is a specific application of positive reinforcement. The notion is a simple one in theory: you want to reward the dog at the very instant it is doing what you want. The problem is that sometimes... Read more »

Hacked Celebrity Photos Yet Again: 4 Lessons For Dog Training

Hacked Celebrity Photos Yet Again: 4 Lessons For Dog Training
A quick scan of the headlines reveals that Jennifer Lawrence has, yet again, had more stolen photos released. You won’t find any hacked celebrity photos here.  No nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence.  Sorry (not). What you will find here is some lessons for dog training that can be learned from the whole hacked celebrity photos... Read more »

Autumn: The Best Word For It Is Glorious

Autumn: The Best Word For It Is Glorious
For the hunter, the arrival of autumn is a time of almost holy reverence. It is my hope to try to convey to you how significant this moment of time really is.  The reverence and joy surrounding this time of year cannot be understated. Ever since that guy, Bill Shakespeare, wrote a few plays, the... Read more »