Observations On Dogs By A Six Year Old

When you have a medium sized energetic dog who you walk frequently, you become a bit of a celebrity in your neighborhood. Especially amongst the 5-10 year old demographic. My wife and I had this conversation with a (and I am guessing here) 6 year old boy.  Witness some of this boy's observations on dogs.

Going for a walk

Going for a walk

US:   Hello.

BOY:    Hi! I like your dog!

US:    Thanks. I like your scooter.

BOY:   Thanks. You know, its weird. I saw another dog that looked exactly like you dog yesterday.

US:    That's interesting. Do you have a dog?

BOY:   Yes, but he is a different kind of dog than your dog.

US:   Really? What kind of dog do you have?

BOY:   Black!

US:   What is his name?

BOY:   Yaeger, but I wish his name was something else.

US:   What should his name be?

BOY:   Sparky! See, my mom is from Mexico and she can't say "Yaeger". She only speaks Spanish, but I can speak Spanish and English.

US:   That is pretty good. Most people can only speak one language, but you can speak two!

At this point in time, the boy proceeded to tell us where he lives, his phone number and date of birth. He continues the narrative with details of his family that I am sure a nefarious sort would have really appreciated. We thanked the boy for his time and crossed the street.

The lesson here:  If you want to get to know your neighbors (or steal an identity), walk a dog.

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