So you clicked to get to know a bit more about me? First let me thank you for joining me on this crazy quest called life,  now here's the gist.

I am a wife to a wonderful man (my Biggest Dude) and most people wonder what I did to get so lucky. My parents told him "no refunds" so whether he likes it or not, he's with me for the long haul.

We have 3, hilarious, smart, at times bonkers, and all-in-all adorable kids, which are referred to as my Chickadee (4 ) , my Big Dude (3), and my Little Dude (2). Yes those are their ages, and yes we have a television.

Please don't mistake the tone of this post, 95.2% of what I say is drenched in sarcasm, but in order to let you know a little about me, you have to know...I'm blessed.

Now on with the regularly scheduled cynicism.