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A list of 7 inanimate objects that you might become when you have kids

#1: A toy
Having children changes you. Fine. Great. Same ol’ same ol’. BUT did you know that having kids can literally make you into something you might never have expected? ┬áNo, I’m not talking about them turning you into a “better person” or whatever. I’m talking about you- morphing into an actual object. An inanimate, non-living, non-breathing,... Read more »

How to Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Have you ever had a time where you stepped outside your comfort zone and you find yourself feeling, intimidated, overwhelmed, nerve-wracked etc. but in the end you walk away feeling like “meh, that wasn’t so bad“.┬áKinda like ripping off a band-aid or whatever. Why are we so scared to be stretched outside our limits? When... Read more »