Everyday is a Holiday! (Seriously)

The term "Holiday" is ironic, seems more like a "Holilife". It's much more than just a day when, there is literally something to celebrate almost every day of the year.  That list is what we consider National Holidays but toss in Siblings Day (4/10), Sunscreen Day (5/27), Hoagie Day (5/5), etc. I can't think of a single thing you would do OTHER than celebrate.

It's a beautiful thing to find something that you can celebrate each day. Why not? Personally, I think everyday should be Pizza Day but I have yet to rule the World.

I digress.

The point here is this: Maybe we shouldn't celebrate only on these National Holidays. Why wouldn't you celebrate your Mother or your Father every chance you got? Why would you wait for Valentine's Day to do something romantic for the one you love? You wouldn't only drink a margarita on Cinco de Mayo, would you? Crazy-talk.

*Cue the scrooges of the World to chime in about "Hallmark Holidays" and that's a-ok with me. Scrooge away, all you scroogers!

I'm not saying buy cards/flowers/presents everyday, let's not get carried away. But if my husband, children, or the freaking check-out lady at the grocery store-gave me flowers on a random Tuesday afternoon, to thank me for all I do...well, I *might* be reduced to putty and be forced to grant their every heart's desire.

This is the part where I kindly tell my husband to wipe the drool off the keyboard because I'm NOT talking about what he wishes I was talking about.

I just think I might have an extra pep in my step and feel like all my hard work isn't going unnoticed.

Imagine if we acknowledged a nurse's profession on a day other than May 6th, don't you think it might reaffirm why they do the very tough job they do? Or a teacher? Or a member of the Armed Forces? Or Personal Assistants?

The possibilities are endless and seem completely exhausting, I know.

I just think  if we all made an attempt at showing gratitude for all these people as often as we can, we might all waltz around feeling like we are worth being celebrated- in addition to pizza, of course.

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