5 things my children have in common with Solange Knowles

By now everyone that isn't living under a rock has heard about what went down in the elevator with Solange Knowles and H to the Izzo (and that's where my rap quotes stop). FALSE, I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Technically we know something went down, we just don't know what...exactly. What I do know, is this: Poor HOVA looks like he's at the receiving end of a toddler tantrum. I feel ya, dude...we've all been there.

Thankfully the only people that lose their shit in my presence are still at a socially acceptable age to do so.  Seems that Queen B's sister didn't get the memo there is only room for one Sasha Fierce in the Knowles' family.

What kind of Mom Blogger would I be, if I didn't take a minute to acknowledge what words *might* have been exchanged in that silent and seemingly eternal, elevator ride?

(seriously though, what floor were they on?!)

5 phrases that will morph my children into Solange Knowles:

1. It's time for bed


2. No, you may not have fruit snacks/ice cream/cookies/cotton candy/Cheetos etc., for dinner


3. Let's go change your diaper

Followed by: THEN GO ON THE POTTY!!!!


4. We don't wear winter boots with shorts.



It's tough being me and Jay Z.


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