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Memorial Day: Barbeques, Beer, and Bathing Suits

My first tan lines (of the farmer variety) would indicate that Old Man Winter *might* have finally packed his bags and left town. Memorial Day is creeping up and most of us consider this the *unofficial* start of summer. BBQ’s and Summer Shandy for EVERYONE! This is wonderful news, right? WRONG. DO YOU KNOW WHAT... Read more »

A Mom with Free Time: Fantasy vs. Reality

I have a napping child and a husband that took the other two with him to work!!!!! WHY AM I YELLING?!??!! I’m yelling because that means I’m flying SOLO (kind of) there is still a child in my presence but it’s a sleeping child and we all know that’s the best kind of child! The better... Read more »

5 things my children have in common with Solange Knowles

By now everyone that isn’t living under a rock has heard about what went down in the elevator with Solange Knowles and H to the Izzo (and that’s where my rap quotes stop). FALSE, I like big butts and I cannot lie. Technically we know something went down, we just don’t know what…exactly. What I do know, is... Read more »

Everyday is a Holiday! (Seriously)

The term “Holiday” is ironic, seems more like a “Holilife”. It’s much more than just a day when, there is literally something to celebrate almost every day of the year.  That list is what we consider National Holidays but toss in Siblings Day (4/10), Sunscreen Day (5/27), Hoagie Day (5/5), etc. I can’t think of a single thing... Read more »

Letter to a New Mom: A Little Dose of Motherhood Realness

The decision to start a family is, hands down, the most your life will ever change. I know you think you’ve already survived some major changes in your life but parenting will rock your world more than you can even imagine. Before kids, you were only responsible for yourself. Then one day you have these little people that... Read more »