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St. Baldrick's means more than just shaving your head

Shaving my baby’s head in solidarity and to raise money for pediatric cancer research, has changed my life in more ways than I imagined. It’s pretty remarkable all the thoughts and emotions that have raced through my mind in a mere 72 hours. They say you can’t really judge someone, unless you’ve walked a mile... Read more »

A Job Description for Motherhood

I often say that I wish there was a hormone that was released into your body ONLY when you were mentally/emotionally capable of having a child. I’m not entirely certain that *I* would have released said hormone, but I’d like to think I am one step closer than some people I’ve witnessed popping out kids... Read more »

I take the "guilt" right out of "guilty pleasures"

Never in the history of my Tot Wrangling shenanigans has there been a more perfect thing for me to write about.  Tonight, the Blogapalooza challenge is to: Write a post passionately defending your guilty pleasure(s). For those that don’t know, Blogapalooza is a writing challenge given by our trusty manager at ChicagoNow, where we are given a... Read more »

An Ode to My Scale: Goodbye Old Friend

I bought a new scale. Why am I bothering to announce such a trivial purchase? It’s because I’m convinced the one I own is broken. STUCK. DOESN’T WORK. It’s evidence that Newton is a liar because it’s only going up and NOT coming down.  Inertia schmanertia. So, I’m taking to the masses to confirm that... Read more »

My email inbox doesn't know me at all

So exciting!! I'm sure my husband will be thrilled that I've freed up some room in our dating site budget!
I feel as though I’ve taken this platform Dear Diary Blog to air my grievances about this, that, and the other. 9 times out of 10, someone reading this can identify. Which makes me feel better and results in my perpetual need to come back and do it again. I like to feel loved, I’m needy like... Read more »

5 embarrassingly daunting Mom duties

Ah, motherhood. Equal parts rewarding and exhausting, isn’t it?  I’m only five short years into this Motherhood gig and everyday I’m learning something new about myself. Being a parent can be a pretty eye opening experience, especially if you choose to embrace the journey to self awareness. The act of becoming more self aware has... Read more »

You can learn a lot about a girl by the contents of her jewelry box

I have a tendency to be a bit of a sucker. Anyone that owns one of these bracelets, knows exactly what I'm talking about.
Shoes, bags, and jewels. These are a few of my favorite things. I could do wear the same tired ensemble over and over and over, but my accessories might lead you to believe otherwise. Granted, I’m not a change my bag with every outfit kinda gal…that’s just way too much work. Give me shoes, a... Read more »

Giving up Dunkin Donuts coffee is my ultimate Lenten sacrifice

I can’t exactly recall when my love affair with coffee began (5+ years in college and 3 kids in under 3 years, can kill a few brain cells) but I do know it rivals ‘The Notebook’ kind of love. Coffee and I will go down in history as the Allie and Noah of our generation.... Read more »

A note to my children: 10 bubble bursting reasons I'm not just your Mom

We have all had that moment when we look at our parents and realize they are not just our parents, but they are people too. This moment might have smacked you upside the head like a sledge hammer the first time you ever heard them talk about doing the deed (shudder). Or perhaps it was... Read more »