The best words of the "English" Language

Last week, I shared on my Facebook page that I pitty the fool that taught my little man the correct word for Teddy Bear. There is very little that brings me the same joy that I get from listening to my baby guy say, "Tebby Bear".


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The discussion that happened as a result of my status update, made my day. So many people shared their favorite words that were jumbled by their little ones. My heart nearly fell out of my chest because all I wanted to do was have 100 more kids just to hear the wonderful concoctions they come up with while learning English language.

I wish, more than anything, I had a complete list to refer back to and weep. Moments we think we will never forget, are forgotten all-too-easily...which also makes me weep. I'm not sure if you should pass me Xanax and tissues or chocolate and tampons, but either way, clearly I have some issues to work through.

I know I can never do justice to the sweetness that results from watching my babes say these little gems, but I will do my best to share with you the best words of the "English" language:

Tebby Bear- I know I already mentioned it, but it's the sweetest of the sweet, so it was worth the redundancy.

Wed- Hands down, my favorite color.

Fawfee- This mama can't very well make it through the morning without one. Have I mentioned my love affair with Dunkin Donuts?

Cawlege Cheese- Who doesn't love curdled milk/cheesy goodness? <-----that description sounds nauseating actually, but you will have to take my word for the cuteness.

Comfty- The feeling one gets when they are tucked in and cozy in their beds for the night. AFTER they have gotten up and re-tucked back in 645 times, of course.

I Yuh You-Each one of my kids has said this and every single time it makes my heart explode. An actual "I love you" will evoke a similar response, but I really do yuh (love), the yuh (love).

Teefs- My favorite part before we get all "comfty" for bed is to help them brush their teefs/teefies.

Polka Dops-Is there any other pattern? Answer: No.

Me do dat-Self explanatory, but oh so heart exploding.

Take a tubby-I hope they never ever learn what a shower is and even if they do, they are technically INSIDE a tub, so it still counts as a "tubby", right?

Kiki-All three of my kiddos have had a similar love affair with their blankeys, affectionately known as the "kiki". My little Linus-wannabes would drag those things everywhere, if I would allow it, but the amount of hours I would spend washing those things is beyond comprehension. Just call me Capitan Buzzkill, won't be the first time nor the last, I'm sure.


What are some of YOUR favorites? Share them here!


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