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Oscar Red Carpet Questions: For the ladies, by a lady

The internet is a-buzz with talk about Sunday’s Oscar festivities. What will they wear? Who will win? Taylor Swift won’t be there dancing in the crowd, will she?  And most importantly, what awesomeness will Jennifer Lawrence bestow upon us? Unfortunately, the 5+ years it took me to obtain a degree in Communications hasn’t really amounted... Read more »

I choose to embrace my inner fraidy cat

Tonight, for ChicagoNow’s monthly Blogapalooza, we were challenged to write about fear (or lack thereof) and the role it’s played in our lives. To know me is to know that me, writing about lack of fear, is NOT an option. I’ve been afraid of my shadow for as long as I can remember. “Fun” things like... Read more »

Donna Day is a day we can all Do Good Things

“That’s not fair” is a phrase parents hear countless times. Day in and day out, kids are shouting this at their parents, siblings, teachers, etc. If someone cuts in front of you in line? That’s not fair. If your brother gets a sucker at the doctor because he had to brave shots and all you... Read more »

Internet bullies sure are a special breed, aren't they?

The older I get, the more I use the internet, the more I realize what a scary place this interweb can really be. The internet is this magical land of unicorns, rainbows, fairy dust and dickheads…apparently. It is a place where you are one click away from self-diagnosing that headache behind your eye (you probably just... Read more »

2/16/2014 will forever be the day I touched Justin Timberlake's pants

This will come as no surprise to anyone that knows me, that there is a good chance my life may have peaked on 2/16/2014. That was the day I made physical contact, with Justin Timberlake’s pant leg. Yep, you read that right folks. I, The Tot Wrangler, touched the suit-pant of my long time celebrity crush.... Read more »

Life is like an economy sized bag of Chocolates

OMGGGGGG MY BABIESSSS. WHO LET THEM GROW UP?!?!? I NEED TO HAVE A 100 MORE!!! <-----don't look through old pictures of your snugly newborns.
I’m fairly certain I’ve discussed the one week a month I need to steer clear of Facebook and Double Stuf Oreos. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? If not, here’s a hint: Chocolate and rage. Catch my drift? While this week  fortunately for those around me isn’t that week. I still feel inspired to shed... Read more »

The best words of the "English" Language

Last week, I shared on my Facebook page that I pitty the fool that taught my little man the correct word for Teddy Bear. There is very little that brings me the same joy that I get from listening to my baby guy say, “Tebby Bear”. The discussion that happened as a result of my status... Read more »

Peace be with the person that rings my doorbell

Life does work in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? As I was chatting with my ol’ pal Swirleytime about how we can write more often, when we have no idea what to write about…..the doorbell rang. Literally at almost that exact moment. It’s like the skies parted and the Heavens above placed my next topic ever-... Read more »