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A list of necessities for surviving this cold and flu season

A king sized bed is necessary for 5 people to sleep and/or watch The Incredibles, repeatedly.
Well, it’s official, my crew has been struck by the plague. Fevers, body aches, cough, sniffles, you name it….we have it. As if being cooped up due to the Chiberian/subzero temperatures, wasn’t bad enough? Adding the flu to our cabin fever mix  and we have grounds for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Part Deux.... Read more »

My new obsession with Google

Thanks to the amazing insight of one of my blogging heroes, The Bloggess (if you don’t follow her, your life is incomplete) I fell madly in love with this little gem about the crazy shit people have Googled that has lead them to her blog. Ironically, few hours later the same topic came up among... Read more »

From Riches to Rags: The next movie about Justin Bieber (hopefully)

Your mother must be so proud. Maybe the title of the next, unnecessary, movie about your life can be 'Make Believe. A Tale of Douchebaggery'
Like many of you, I woke to the news of Justin’s Bieber’s arrest (he made it to CNN y’all, hard hitting news). *GASP* Say it isn’t so! ANOTHER young celebrity bites the dust as a result of unlimited amounts of attention and money? *YAWN* We’ve heard this song and dance before. A kid can sing or... Read more »

For my birthday, I wish to be my kids

I know it’s bad luck to share your birthday wish, but I want you to know when I blow out the 33 candles on my cake tomorrow (fire hazard) I will be wishing to be a kid again. It’s not really for cliché reasons like living in some magical world where ignorance is bliss and... Read more »

A real mom bootcamp to end the teen pregnancy epidemic

If you follow The Tot Wrangler on Facebook, you may have witnessed my proposal to single-handedly curb the teen pregnancy epidemic in this country. Of course I love being a mother, more than I’ve loved any other role in my life, but I assure you this shit isn’t for amateurs. Teenagers need to stick to... Read more »

Car Seats: Make sure your kids are riding safely

A few times a week I stumble upon oh-so-sweet pictures of a kiddo sleeping in the car, which usually warms my icy heart. My first thought is usually awwwwww kids (especially other people’s) are so adorable……..when they are sleeping. Two seconds later, I’m usually thinking  well that doesn’t look safe. The kid is slumped over, with loose twisted straps,... Read more »

You call them swear words, I call them sentence boosters

9 days out of 10, my 32 year old ass, finds myself being reprimanded (by my mother) for my use of profanity. It’s safe to say I am a bit of a potty mouth.  I don’t think about it, the words just sort of fly out of my mouth. Admittedly, it’s not the most feminine... Read more »