My New Workout Plan

Today, in my quest to find a daily moment of gratitude, I have to say I'm lucky to be alive. I'm sure you think this is going to be the deepest thing you've ever read by The Tot Wrangler, but hang tight.

Of Course I'm lucky to be alive, blessed and grateful to be healthy, and all that jazz....but today I started a new workout and I'm literally thankful I didn't go into cardiac arrest.

Back in January (click here to read about my sex bet fail) when I started my quest to de-baby fat myself. I did well with my diet, but there comes a time when you have to get your ass moving.

I saw an infomercial for Mailbu Pilates (which apparently is no longer available, should I be scared?) and I was mesmerized/hooked/HAD TO HAVE IT. I got it in March and I was a rock star with that shit. I totally thought I was going to waltz around looking amazing with my new Susan Lucci (celebrity spokesperson) bod. Don't judge, she might be eligible for Medicare, but her bod is bangin'.

Anyway, I was dedicated and I LOVED that thing! I was religious about it and got up at the crack of ass, everyday, and did that shit. Then my Middle Dude broke his leg, stopped napping, and all hell broke loose and my willpower tanked. A little change in my schedule and I was toast. I still wonder how all you die hard workout-ers do it. If someone could bottle up motivation, they would be one rich motherfucker.

But the time has come, I need to get my ass back in gear, so I bit the bullet and ordered a new video. Let's face it, me going to the gym is not realistic, so I have to squeeze it in where I can. This plan is quick (25 mins) so there is no excuse not to do it. Unless I croak because that's a pretty legit excuse.

Day one and my calves already feel like I'm on the verge of one of those leg cramps that makes you punch your spouse, just so you aren't alone in agony. According to my calculations, I should wake up 20lbs lighter tomorrow.

Unfortunately I fear I will wake up sore and cursing Shaun T's name, but at least I'm still alive (for now).



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