Tattling Kids Are More Useful Than You Think

It’s not even noon yet and I have already determined what I’m grateful for today. That has to mean it will be a good day, right?

Well ladies and gents, you might need to take a seat for this one, because you won’t believe me when I say: Today I am grateful for the tattling child.

I imagine you are sitting there, jaw dropped, wondering what in the sweet name of day drinking, I am talking about. But just hear me out.

I am aware that 9 times out of 10, tattling is enough to make you crave a paper cut to the ear drum because it would hurt less. But for every 150 tattles a parent hears in a day, a few of them can actually be helpful.

There are times during the day when a mom just has to walk away for a minute:  to throw in a load of laundry, clean something, fetch the mail, spike her coffee, make a meal, use the bathroom, etc. (Obviously one of these is an exaggeration, Mom’s don’t use the bathroom alone).

Unfortunately, I can't have my eyes on all three kids every second of the day. So it does come in handy to a) have more than one child and b) have at least one that is vocal and willing/able to rat the others out.

Thankfully, they have yet to all turn on me simultaneously and I’m sure those days are numbered.  So far I've only had one or two causing the commotion, while the other one’s guilt takes over and he/she sings like a canary.

“Mommmmmmmm, he’s coloring the couch with a marker!” (a sharpie, no less).  “Mommmmmmm, he is eating craaaayyyoooonnnnnsss!”(thankfully they were Non-Toxic, do they even make Toxic  crayons?).  “Mommmmmmmm they are throwing toilet paperrrrrr!” (I’m glad they were only two rolls in when I was delivered the news). “Mommmmmm she is using your lip stuff on her eyes” (which would only happen with lipgloss that wasn’t made by Wet N’ Wild). “Mommmmm he’s juggling knives” (obviously that didn't happen, but we could retire off that kind of talent).

The possibilities are endless for the amount of trouble these little rugrats can get themselves into, so I really am grateful there are multiple sets of whining/tattling eyes to intercept the ruckus.

That is why, today, I am grateful for the amount of mess and danger that we have been spared. Thanks babies, Mommy loves you!

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