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Santa Can You Hear Me?

“Are we skinny yet?!” I ask myself this, almost daily. Similar to that whiney/nonstop version of “are we there yet?” that you hear coming from the heathens in the back of your car. You know the one. It’s like the auditory equivalent of a paper cut to the ear drum. Anyway, yeah…that’s the tone. Truth be told, I had three... Read more »

Nothing Good Comes Easy

Five years ago, right about this very moment, we were racing to the hospital like bats out of hell ready to meet our baby girl. This was most definitely our first rodeo. I remember sitting in my recliner, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and BAM…my water broke. In my head I was like “is this it, is... Read more »

You Can Keep Elf On The Shelf, To Yourself.

I love the holidays just as much as the next chump, but there is a new(ish) holiday tradition that makes me cringe. I don’t know the details because I refuse to buy into this crap, but I have a sick feeling I am about to be tortured by this thing any minute. It’s this damned Elf On The... Read more »

Taylor Swift Is Right, Never Grow Up

Every time I hear “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift, I sit and sob (click the link, I dare you).  This song makes me want to snuggle my babies and cry into their hair for days on end, not that they would sit still that long. Of course I want to freeze time while these little... Read more »

Justin Timberlake, Skittles, and Laundry. Oh My

I have noticed lots of new names and faces following The Tot Wrangler! I’m so excited that my blog has grown past the point of the people that I have forced into following me. This whole experience is so new, on so many levels, so I hope you will allow me a moment to introduce myself.... Read more »

GIVEAWAY: Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Do you like free shit (who doesn’t)? Are you a fan of the hilarious blog Baby Sideburns? If you are, then you should know how exciting this giveaway is! If you aren’t, go find out and then get excited like the rest of us! Karen Alpert (the one and only Baby Sideburns) just wrote a ridiculously funny, NY Times... Read more »

10 Ways I Would Help Moms, If I Ruled the World

Sometimes I sit and daydream about what it would be like if I ruled the world. Unfortunately it’s a pretty unrealistic endeavor, but maybe after reading this you will nominate me. 1. Everything would have a drive thru. It’s not because I want Americans to be anymore lazy than we already are, it’s because the... Read more »

My New Workout Plan

Today, in my quest to find a daily moment of gratitude, I have to say I’m lucky to be alive. I’m sure you think this is going to be the deepest thing you’ve ever read by The Tot Wrangler, but hang tight. Of Course I’m lucky to be alive, blessed and grateful to be healthy, and... Read more »

Daylight Savings Time Used To Be Fun

    Since a lot of you reading this are Mommies (and some daddies and some hungover people) I’m going to spare you a long drawn out version of my gratitude today. A lot of us were up at the crack of ass, so I’m just going to say that today I’m grateful for the... Read more »

Tattling Kids Are More Useful Than You Think

It’s not even noon yet and I have already determined what I’m grateful for today. That has to mean it will be a good day, right? Well ladies and gents, you might need to take a seat for this one, because you won’t believe me when I say: Today I am grateful for the tattling child.... Read more »