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Top Ten Reasons Why Chicagoans Aren't Going to Baseball Games

A combined 15 games under .500 before the All Star break isn't exactly enough to inspire much faith in the chances of Chicago's finest. Optimists may point out that season is far from over, but it's the realists who have it right. Baseball in this city is already dead in 2011.
Jerry Reinsdorf has got to be pissed after shelling out serious dough and going ‘All In’ on this year’s team. Tom Ricketts probably thought Wrigley Field was the golden goose that’d drop golden eggs into his lap every gameday. But both of these ridiculously wealthy men have experienced a rude awakening as day after day,... Read more »

Top Ten Reasons Why It Sucks to Be a Chicago Sports Fan

 Realistically, the next time we see a Chicago squad in the postseason may not be until 2012. The Cubs and Sox are hopeless, while the chances of another season full of breaks for the Bears is highly unlikely. Nope, we'll have to wait till the Hawks or Bulls make another run before we can even dream about another ticker tape parade in the Chi. SMH.
If you’re any kind of Chicago sports fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Right now we’re all stuck in a sports purgatory of sorts, with no chance of escape in the forseeable future. I don’t have to tell you how brutal it is, but I do want to point out the exact reasons... Read more »