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50 Years Post-March on Washington: This is it?

50 Years Post-March on Washington: This is it?
In the age of political correctness where we need to watch what we say and to whom, it seems like the only place men feel comfortable saying whatever comes to mind is at the good old fashioned barber shop. I love going to the barber shop. I love going there not only for a haircut,... Read more »

Boston tragedy: Another faceless coward in the crowd

Although the details of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon are still unfolding, it seems that this is yet another cowardly act by someone with either a deep seeded psychological problem or an axe to grind (or both). Regardless, it’s disheartening to think this is becoming the norm of our society; where we need to... Read more »

Guns versus butter: It takes longer to purchase butter than a gun

I hate guns. I despise what they do when pointed at another human being and I’m not particularly crazy about the idea of one being pointed at me. If I had my way, every gun in the world (with the exception of those carried by the police and the military) would be tossed into a... Read more »