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50 Years Post-March on Washington: This is it?

50 Years Post-March on Washington: This is it?
In the age of political correctness where we need to watch what we say and to whom, it seems like the only place men feel comfortable saying whatever comes to mind is at the good old fashioned barber shop. I love going to the barber shop. I love going there not only for a haircut,... Read more »

Blurred Lines of Human Decency

I met with some folks recently who are involved in a start-up company which involves a local news web site. The novel idea behind their site is that it promotes only good news. News involving crime, political scandal or any other topic related to controversy is not permitted and only stories related to positive experiences... Read more »

Retarded: Didn't Sarah Palin Bury That Word?

A few years ago, while serving as President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel referred to a group of liberal activists as “f**cking retarded”. Almost immediately, the outcries from both sides of the aisle went up and lambasted Emanuel for his use of the R-word. Sarah Palin, who has a son with Down’s syndrome, stepped... Read more »

Boston tragedy: Another faceless coward in the crowd

Although the details of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon are still unfolding, it seems that this is yet another cowardly act by someone with either a deep seeded psychological problem or an axe to grind (or both). Regardless, it’s disheartening to think this is becoming the norm of our society; where we need to... Read more »

Republicans: We'll change and then we'll win!

Never has the saying “can’t see the forest for the trees” resonated any more clearly than when I reviewed the conclusions of a study just released by the Republican Party. In an effort to diagnose why the party lost the last presidential election, not to mention millions of voters who once supported many of their... Read more »

A New Approach to U. S. Diplomacy: Hoops with Rodman

Sometimes politics and common sense have a tendency to get in the way of each other. It seems that the United States has as many enemies as we do allies sometimes. Our enemies threaten us, attempt to bully us and more or less give us grief at every opportunity. North Korea, Iran and Al Qaeda... Read more »

YOU are my kid's teacher??

To generalize the overall competency in any profession is a difficult thing, as every profession is comprised of a group of individual contributors. Some physicians, for example, become world renown based on their set of skills. Other physicians, on the other hand, would do well to find another livelihood based on their shortcomings. Regardless, to... Read more »
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