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I think it’s safe to say that not many people enjoy a good laugh more than I do. As the producer and co-host of The Tomfoolery Fun Club, a comedy-based variety show, I not only take great pride in seeing people laugh and enjoy themselves at our shows, I’m strategically positioned at the front table with my co-producer (and love) laughing right along with the audience. It’s fun! But there is also a time and place for fun and laughter. It seems, and unfortunately so, that many in our society feel the need to make a joke out of almost everything.

The senate hearings of last week, in which some very serious issues were discussed, quickly turned into a series of pathetically distasteful social media memes, unfunny skits and painful diatribes by many who are very well paid to entertain. A ridiculous parody performed on the once-creative Saturday Night Live, just days after the actual hearing in which a potential (now confirmed) Supreme Court Justice was grilled regarding allegations of sexual assault. I can’t imagine many things being more serious than allegations of sexual assault, especially if the accused is being considered for one of the most powerful roles in our country…a role for life, at that.

This most recent, sordid bit of media frenzy caused me to take a moment and wonder why we need to make a joke out of almost everything. Late night talk shows, which seem to have devolved into nothing more than a daily recap of ridiculous things said and done by a president who, in the opinion of many, cares little about anything other than further dividing our country. Not much to laugh about there, yet late-night “comedians”, who seem to either lack creativity or lack writers with creativity, hammer away and continue to pour fuel of the inferno we once called democracy.

I didn’t even have the chance to warm my bar stool last night before some lout approached me from behind and stuck his cell phone under my nose. On the phone’s screen were a series of memes, which were carefully shown in slide-show fashion, were based on Judge Kavanaugh and his alleged drinking habits. I pretended to look and smile, but at the same time I asked myself, “why me?”. What did I do to deserve this impromptu “comedy” show? After the third meme, I kindly waved him off and said thank you for the show.

Maybe we use humor to cope with what is turning into an extremely dark, hateful and mean-spirited time in our country’s history. At this point, making light of things doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m not there.

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