Daylight Savings Time: Sorry I'm late. My phone didn't synch with my computer which caused me to get laryngitis.

As I sat in the restaurant this morning waiting for my 7:30 AM appointment to show up (who never did, by the way), it got me to thinking of the many excuses that people will come up with today for missing appointments. The “spring ahead” time change almost always has an effect on Monday morning meetings following the change and today was no exception.

At approximately 7:55 AM, it dawned on me that my meeting wasn’t going to take place. After my third cup of coffee, I chose to take the high road and order a nice breakfast for myself. Since it’s a dreary enough day, I decided to not make things even worse by letting someone’s lack of organizational ability ruin my day.

After a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon at The Wheel Restaurant in Hammond, IN (yes, a shameless plug for a local staple), I finally decided to forward the confirmation email that I had sent to my business connection last week. My initial reaction was to be let loose with an insult of some sort and thank that person for standing me up. Instead, I took the high road and expressed my sincere hope that everything was all right and no misfortune had come their way.

Upon returning home, I received a call from the person who bagged the meeting. She spoke in a raspy voice which indicated that she either wasn’t feeling well or had she just crawled out of bed. She opened the conversation by stating that she was very sorry and that she was suffering from laryngitis. She went on to say that when she booked the appointment in her phone, it failed to synch with her computer which caused her calendar to not update appropriately.

Then it dawned on me; technology has opened up an entirely new world of excuses when it comes to missing appointments or showing up late following the time change. No longer do we have to be satisfied with excuses like “I had a flat tire” or “The sump pump went out last night and my basement flooded”. Now we can blame Silicon Valley for our lack of organization. I can hear it now across America as some tardy employee comes slinking into the office an hour late; “Well…I’m not happy about this. My phone didn’t synch with my computer, which cause my Outlook calendar to not update like it should. You’d think after all of the money I've spent on this phone and laptop, this would work better than this. I can tell you right now that Microsoft has NOT heard the last from me on this! Now….is there any coffee?”

Maybe I’m just from the “old school” way of thinking in which we should just take responsibility for our actions. There’s something to be said for falling on one’s sword and saying “Hey…I screwed it up and I’m sorry. Next time, the breakfast is on me.”

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