Cubs / Clemens: Please Go Away

As the Cubs wind done what is an absolutely miserable season, in which they very well could lose 100 games, there is one reason for optimism; it’s almost over.

The Cubs unloaded much of their high-priced talent this year and are in the midst of a youth movement. This is something that Cubs fans have been asking for, but as they say, be careful what you ask for…..

I see where the Cubs are promoting an event at which fans can pay $55 to see “three rising stars” and receive an autographed photo of each. Those three “stars” are Anthony Rizzo, Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters.

Rizzo is a bona fide “rising star” and should, based on early returns, have a fine career. On the other hand, Jackson has struck out 48 times in 94 at bats. Hmmm….he’s also hitting .191 with 4 homeruns and 8 RBI. I’m not sure that constitutes “rising star” status at all. As for Vitters, he’s batting a woeful .093 with 2 homeruns and 5 RBI. Once again, he also appears to be slow on the rise when it comes to stardom.
Now I realize that the Cubs want to promote the team and are also looking to build to the future. But if I’m going to pay $55 to attend a Cubs event, I’d much prefer to see Ernie Banks, Randy Hundley and Glenn Beckert. If I have to live in a fantasy world, I’d much prefer the 1969 version as opposed this debacle of a season.


So it seems Roger Clemens is interested in making a Major League comeback at age 50. Clemens, who has faced his share of controversy as of late, is looking to rehabilitate his image. Clemens was on trial for lying to Congress regarding his alleged steroid use (he was acquitted) yet doubts remain.

Clemens is also due to be on the ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame this winter, which based on some of the allegations regarding improprieties, experts think it’s doubtful he’ll be elected for quite some time. If Clemens plays another Major League game this year, however, his eligibility for the Hall is postponed for five years.

By waiting five years, this gives the sportswriters a chance to forgive and forget some of the shenanigans that Clemens has allegedly been involved in. The Houston Astros have even expressed interest in letting Clemens pitch. So what’s the hang-up? Clemens, who has been out of baseball for five years, only wants to pitch against a contending team. He thinks it wouldn’t be any “fun” to pitch a non-contender.

Maybe Clemens can just do us all a big favor and go away.

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  • Two things from sitting through most of the Len and Bob show:
    (1) When you have the two worst teams in baseball, this had the "feel" of a spring training split squad game, except not with the suspense of who might stick with the team or will be assigned to the minors. Then the new million dollar man doesn't even hustle to the plate when he easily could have scored the tying run.

    (2) They said that while Clemens wanted to pitch against a contender, the owner didn't want him to. So, unless he is coming in against the Cubs, he's not pitching.

  • In reply to jack:

    With the Astros moving to the American League next year, the Cubs will no longer have them as a buffer zone to the cellar. Additionally, the American League must be licking their chops waiting for Houston to arrive!

  • In reply to Tom Byelick:

    Rizzo batted under .200 when he came up too early with the Pads last year. Now he's a freakin cucumber. A stud. Jackson has played stellar defense and showed flashes of power. The biggest stars -- Baez, Soler, Almora -- are still in the system. I despise Vitters, but don't count out the rest of these stars before they shoot.

    And how can "jack" up there say that this DOESN'T have the feel of who will stick and who won't? That's what this IS. And it wasn't Starlin's boneheaded move on that assured run, but an idiotic blunder by Sappelt (not a future star). Baserunners aren't supposed to be looking behind themselves to see if the trailing runner is screwing up. Starlin couldn't have predicted that. Even Sveum didn't fault him.

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