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Who's That Little Girl Promoting The NFL?

Who's That Little Girl Promoting The NFL?
They keep pulling her back in. If you were parked in front of your flatscreen from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon and evening (as I was), an NFL commercial featuring a young girl with long hair and football cleats was urging viewers to “tell your story” by going to the NFL website. The commercial also... Read more »

Girl Football Players=Future NFL Prospects?

Girl Football Players=Future NFL Prospects?
Football. The last bastion of men’s sports? Maybe not. Let’s go to post Title IX America. In 1974, in Montgomery County, PA, ┬áten-year old Suzanne “Suzy” Kolber won a spot on a little league football team, but quit due to strong opposition from parents and other adults. Kolber, of course, is well-known as the sideline... Read more »
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