What is "Real Beauty at Any Age"? Let's tell People Magazine!

What is "Real Beauty at Any Age"? Let's tell People Magazine!
My entry for People Magazine's 'Real Beauty at Any Age" contest

I'm a Timeless Beauty because.....

True beauty shines its light from the inside and illuminates the good in us and in others!

The Token Female, 3/2014

This week, I surprised myself again. I entered People Magazine's  'Real Beauty at Any Age" competition.  They're looking for 'real beauties' in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. 'Winners'  could be featured in PEOPLE magazine's annual Most Beautiful issue.

Why'd I do it?

  • Because I think beauty is more than skin-deep.
  • Because I think everyone is beautiful. Why?
  • God created each of us unique, in His own image. Why would he deliberately create something not beautiful?
  • Because I think I represent well for my age, which is...??
  • Because I want to represent everyone who once thought they didn't have a prayer in the world of being selected for their beauty

In fact, I remember the days when my image of myself was downright ugly. I've written often about how I struggled with my self-image in my early days and youth. I can still remember being called out as fat, slow stupid, and ugly...by teachers and classmates alike.

Finally, in my 20's, I learned to quiet the voices that sought to harm my self-image. I turned to the only voice I would need to hear to keep my sanity and self-image intact ....God's.

It was a long road back, but the thing I learned was that your image starts with YOU, and how you feel about YOURSELF. You are giving your power away if you think anything else.

It bothers me that so many others feel 'less than."

Earlier this week, fashion designer L'Wren Scott committed suicide, apparently over her failing fashion empire, at 49.  The 6'3 girlfriend of Mick Jagger had successfully transitioned from a fashion model to a fashion stylist. The tragedy struck internationally. Why would a beautiful, intelligent, capable, and successful woman commit suicide?

I was surprised to learn to former Olympic gold medalist and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" manservant Bruce Jenner had a "trachea shave."

A what, you ask?

A surgeon actually shaved down his Adam's apple...one of the two items on a man's body that makes him a man.

"Bruce has always had issues with his Adam's apple," said a spokesperson.

Unless he had thyroid cancer, why would Bruce have any issues with his Adam's apple?

It turns out that men, as well as women, have issues with their bodies, and not just celebrities. According to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), large scale surveys concluded that male body image concerns have dramatically increased over the past three decades from 15% to 43% of men being dissatisfied with their bodies; rates that are comparable to those found in women (Garner, 1997; Goldfield, Blouin, & Woodside, 2006; Schooler & Ward, 2006).

I feel utmost sorrow for L'Wren Scott's family. I feel sorry for Bruce. I hope both will be at peace with themselves.

You have a purpose. You are unique. You are special. Count on it.

"Whoever gets sense loves his own soul; he who keeps understanding, will discover good."
Proverbs 19:8

And that is why I am entering this contest: Because I am willing to believe that my beauty is enough. And if you think so too, please click on this link.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!

People Magazine's  'Real Beauty at Any Age" competition
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