Twas The Week Before Christmas...Last Minute Sports Movies for the Whole Family

Twas The Week Before Christmas...Last Minute Sports Movies for the Whole Family

Twas the week before Christmas (and Hanukkah as well!)

I suddenly realized...I'M GOING TO HELL!

No shopping's been done, no cards have been sent


So onto the Web, I cheerfully go

Aided by my cuppa ever-loving Joe

And from the Web, I merrily find....

DVDs for the youngest of sports minds.... 

For Rosie and Amelia, the young soccer fanatics:

I give to you "Gracie," go  follow her dream...

and you too will play varsity soccer on an all-male team!

 Now, on to Matthew, the baseball-loving boy

here's a movie that'll bring true joy...

"Air Bud, The Seventh-Inning Fetch"

Don't think that one's much of a stretch!

And now, on to Maggie, the blond teen-age queen

 David Beckham's her idol, but don't make a scene

I got you a classic; a soccer sports tale

"Bend It Like Beckham," so beyond the pale!

And now on to Ryan, the blond angel's brother...

I give a movie that's just like none other...

Clint Eastwood's "Invictus" a South African tale

of World Cup, Mandela and a dream that set sail 

On to my sis, who gives me great joy...

I'm prouder of her than if she was a boy!

We've always been close, but there's a tradition

we've never stopped being in competition!

 But that shouldn't be a reason to moan...

let's just curl up and watch "A League of their Own!"

On to my parents, a sweet inspiration

Hard work and love, the firmest foundation

To them, I give a special oblation...

"Seabiscuit," the horse that  inspired

a whole generation!

And all is complete for Christmas today...

My family is done, and now, so am I!

Merry Christmas to all...

and to all...

A good night!












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