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When Parents Don't Reprimand Bad Choices

When Parents Don’t Reprimand Bad Choices How can this happen? A father or mother defends their child’s bad choices when the life of another person or persons is changed forever! It happens more often than not and this is probably not the first time Mr. Turner has defended his son and his son’s choices. When will it not... Read more »

Children and Guns

Children and Guns a Dangerous Cocktail… An accident in Arizona has left one man dead and one young girl completely traumatized. During a shooting lesson at Bullets and Burgers gun range in White Hills, a 9-year-old accidentally shot her instructor, Charles Vacca, in the head. The instructor was teaching the girl how to use an... Read more »

5 Reasons Modern-Day Parenting Is in Crisis

Parenting problems…are we really in a crisis?   A fear of our children Are we really afraid of our children? Do we as parents and grandparents do anything to avoid a meltdown in our parenting efforts? Perhaps, at times we are and do…because at the moment, we just cannot “deal” with an emotional breakdown over what color... Read more »

Hello and Goodbye...Why This is Unpleasant for Kids!

How do your kids and grandkids say hello and goodbye to you? Now that the summer is here many families will be traveling to visit relatives and family friends that they only see once a year or at holiday time. This visiting means there will be many hello and goodbye opportunities presented to our children. Do you... Read more »

Kids are NOT A**holes...Should We Be Calling Our Kids Names?

Kids can be Annoying But They are NOT A**holes! Have you read this controversial piece by a mom of a three year old? This morning, she got out of bed, took a cup from the kitchen — one of those expensive, Preserve recycled cups — and threw it in the toilet. I gritted my teeth... Read more »

Easter and Passover Together

Celebrating Easter and Passover Together For years, our family has celebrated Easter and Passover together as blended religious holidays. Both my husband and I feel it is important for our family to respect the differences and similarities in our beliefs while celebrating our holidays. I  was raised Catholic and attended religiously affiliated schools through college. Religion was... Read more »