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'Sperm Donor' vesus 'Dad'

Does ‘Sperm Donor’ Mean ‘Dad’? – Recently, this appeared in the Sunday, New York Times. I have often asked the question in a different way. Are some ‘dads’ merely sperm donors? In some circumstances, an affirmative answer would be correct to either question. Now, I am not an expert in the legality of these two questions... Read more »

Gender Toys and McDonald's

Who Cares About Gender Toys, Boy vs. Girl in a “Happy Meal”?   Because we live near McDonald’s headquarters, there are many from which to choose if a burger and fries are your thing at the moment. Gender toys are always available! I admit, I visit McDonald’s my share of times, it is convenient and... Read more »

Kids are NOT A**holes...Should We Be Calling Our Kids Names?

Kids can be Annoying But They are NOT A**holes! Have you read this controversial piece by a mom of a three year old? This morning, she got out of bed, took a cup from the kitchen — one of those expensive, Preserve recycled cups — and threw it in the toilet. I gritted my teeth... Read more »

Today is Autism Awareness Day!

Today is Autism Awareness Day The first time I was aware of autism was probably years ago in the 80’s  when one of my favorite televisions show was “St. Elsewhere“. One of the physicians on the show had a son, Tommy, who did not speak…he was autistic. The syndrome was never really discussed to any... Read more »

How Important are Parental Boundaries for a Successful Adulthood?

Boundaries are important in all relationships. In my professional practices, as a social worker and registered nurse boundaries have always been stressed . When, I first began my clinical experience in social work it was hard not to offer my hand or a hug to a client, who was crying or to embrace a child... Read more »