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Father’s Day Reflections Father’s Day and all the Hallmark holidays stir up so many thoughts. I grew up with Robert Young and Danny Thomas as my television dad templates for what a dad should be. My father was neither one of these men. He did not come home at night and say, “Hi honey, I”m home!”... Read more »

Chicago Holidays with Chicagonista Live

Chicago Holidays with Chicagonista Live Yesterday was a frigid one in Chicago. But I had things to do and places to go. “Chicagonista Live” hosted an influencer/blogger luncheon catered by Eataly Chicago. It was a wonderful event talking food, cakes, etiquette and tablescapes for the upcoming holidays. It was such a pleasant afternoon of great... Read more »

St. Patrick's Day Memories Past and Present

St. Patrick’s Day Memories Past and Present   On  St. Patrick’s Day we had a saying in our house that “there were those that were Irish and those who wished they were!” Growing up in New York and a stone’s throw from the Bronx. a veritable stronghold of an Irish community, my Irish roots were celebrated... Read more »

Wishing you all a little Happiness

                                                                                        Wishing you all a little Happiness   “And a Merry Christmas... Read more »

Christmas Past...The Quilt of Memories

Christmas Past The holidays always make me very nostalgic and this year is no different from all the others. During December, every time I see a Sunday edition of the New York Times it takes me on a journey to Christmas Past and all that accompanies my memories of childhood, adulthood, marriage and children in New York.... Read more »

"Tis the Season" for Self-Care

“Tis the Season” Around this time each year I crave the flavors and tastes of all the holiday foods and treats that my grandmother would make in our tiny apartment kitchen. Sweet and savory smells filled our home from Thanksgiving through Christmas. Now, I am the grandmum in our family…each year I cook and bake... Read more »

Thanksgiving...Giving Thanks!

 Thanksgiving! NYC- Herald Square Macy’s parade on Thanksgiving was a tradition in our New York family when I was growing up…so it conjures up many, many memories of years gone by when I watch along with other millions of folks. Each year, as I prepare our Thanksgiving dinner, I watch THE parade… you see, for... Read more »

Hello and Goodbye...Why This is Unpleasant for Kids!

How do your kids and grandkids say hello and goodbye to you? Now that the summer is here many families will be traveling to visit relatives and family friends that they only see once a year or at holiday time. This visiting means there will be many hello and goodbye opportunities presented to our children. Do you... Read more »

Honoring Mom Can Be Emotionally Complicated...

Melancholy honoring mom… Honoring my mother and grandmother was always easy for me. They were the women in my life, who had the greatest effect on the woman I was to become. They were my heroes. They were my role models. They were always there for me until they weren’t anymore…death took them away. It... Read more »

"Mother's Day" is this Sunday...How Do You Celebrate?

“Mother’s Day” Weekend     It has been 13 years since I celebrated “Mother’s Day” with my mother. In 2001, she peacefully passed away from heart failure at 89 years old, the week following our Mother’s Day celebration. She was my hero along with my grandmother. I spent most of my life with both of them. My... Read more »