Gender Toys and McDonald's

Who Cares About Gender Toys, Boy vs. Girl in a "Happy Meal"?


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Because we live near McDonald's headquarters, there are many from which to choose if a burger and fries are your thing at the moment. Gender toys are always available!

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I admit, I visit McDonald's my share of times, it is convenient


YES, I buy "Happy Meals".

I also choose whatever toy my granddaughter wants at the moment...whether it is a "girl" or "boy" toy. Most times, gender is not the issue when making our toy choice...

The "gender toys" topic in the news this week is just not important to me especially at McDonald's. My granddaughter seems to choose by her whimsical, sometimes momentary likes and dislikes.

Looking over her play items at home, it seems pretty clear, she has ample selection of "girl" and "boy" toys.

There are toys strewn every where. Dump trucks, cars, cement trucks, hard hats, fireman outfits, hammers, pirate ships and trains are scattered among dolls, princesses, dress up outfits, coloring books, and all colors of Legos including pink one.

Children make choices all day as they play and work at home and school. What is wrong with pink vs. blue? Nothing...really.

Why are we generating a color war even at McDondald's?

It seems to me...McDonald's simply needs to change the way they ask the question.

Truck or doll, pony or car?


Just maybe stop giving out "boy-girl" toys altogether!

Aren't there more important food quality?


One Teen's Victory Over McDonald's Boy-Girl Happy Meal Toys | Parenting - Yahoo Shine.


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