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A Vegetarian's Mac & Cheese Fest

This past Saturday, the first official Mac & Cheese Fest in Chicago surely delivered for this vegetarian. I rolled out of there stuffed to the gills, barely coherent and yearning to pass out on my couch…..kinda like that uncomfortable and painfully stuffed feeling you have after Thanksgiving dinner. When I had bought my ticket, I... Read more »

Noodles & Company is a sure hit for vegetarians AND vegans!

Noodles & Company is a sure hit for vegetarians AND vegans!
I won’t lie that I had only been to a Noodles & Company once before for a rushed lunch during a work trip. All I remember was taking multiple phone calls on my charging Blackberry and forcing large gobs of noodles and veggies down my throat while thinking to myself “Hmmmm, this taste pretty darn... Read more »

My problems with salad

If you’ve read my last few posts, you’ll have seen me mention how much I hate being relegated to salad for any meal whenever I’m dining out. I’m sure you’re wondering “Why? What’s so bad about salad?” I’m sure you’re especially asking considering that I’m a vegetarian. “If you’re not eating salad then what are... Read more »

Raw Food - It's More Than Just Salad

I’ve recently begun to see increasingly more raw food restaurants popping up. I thought to myself, “Why would anyone be interested in raw food. I like a good hearty meal…not grass!” only to realize that I truly didn’t even know what the whole raw food dietary craze is all about. Visions of boring salads and... Read more »

Tasty Travels: Araka in St. Louis

While visiting St. Louis for work , I knew I wanted to take time to explore what vegetarian restaurant options the city might be hiding. After investigating online and perusing several menus, I decided upon Araka located in downtown Clayton in Carondelet Plaza. Additionally, I absolutely could not leave without catching up with my dear... Read more »

Chef Takashi Yagihashi's Noodles are Made for Slurping

Chef Takashi Yagihashi's Noodles are Made for Slurping
Ramen noodles often tend to get a bad rap, namely due to the fact that the ramen found in the aisles of our local grocery stores are a far cry from the real thing….and probably also a far cry from anything that we should be ingesting for any nutritional purpose. Who doesn’t remember the college... Read more »

"What type of vegetarian are you?"

In conversation with people, food is often an easy topic that seems to rears its hungry head. And inevitably at some point or another, I end up professing “I’m a vegetarian.” The response that many times I receive is along the lines of “I’m mostly a vegetarian” or “I’m a vegetarian but don’t eat red... Read more »
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