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National Picnic Day & Beer Picks

I often hear about people wondering what wine to bring when going on picnics. I myself have often wondered the same….but enough whining about the wines. What about ice cold beer? Well, it’s National Picnic Day today. It definitely isn’t picnic weather out there just yet but I’m going to save this little helpful list... Read more »

Beer Pairing Tips from Stella Artois

Beer Pairing Tips from Stella Artois
Beer pairings…. The moment I heard this, the first thoughts of foods that most people might think would go with beer came to mind are pizza, pretzels, nachos, pub food….more beer. But I didn’t think it’s actually possible to pair beer with real meals to create a truly culinary and tasting experience. Then again, that... Read more »

My problems with salad

If you’ve read my last few posts, you’ll have seen me mention how much I hate being relegated to salad for any meal whenever I’m dining out. I’m sure you’re wondering “Why? What’s so bad about salad?” I’m sure you’re especially asking considering that I’m a vegetarian. “If you’re not eating salad then what are... Read more »

Raw Food - It's More Than Just Salad

I’ve recently begun to see increasingly more raw food restaurants popping up. I thought to myself, “Why would anyone be interested in raw food. I like a good hearty meal…not grass!” only to realize that I truly didn’t even know what the whole raw food dietary craze is all about. Visions of boring salads and... Read more »

10 Vegetarian Myths & Misconceptions Debunked

10 Vegetarian Myths & Misconceptions Debunked
Many times we vegetarians and vegans get asked many questions due to the unfounded myths that surround the vegetarian and vegan diets. That said, here’s my effort to debunk some of those misconceptions and myths.   1. “You’re vegetarian? I’m sorry.” Why? I’m not. I feel this to be along the lines of “Don’t hate... Read more »

"What type of vegetarian are you?"

In conversation with people, food is often an easy topic that seems to rears its hungry head. And inevitably at some point or another, I end up professing “I’m a vegetarian.” The response that many times I receive is along the lines of “I’m mostly a vegetarian” or “I’m a vegetarian but don’t eat red... Read more »
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