About "To Eat or Not To Eat" and "The Tasty Trio"

I've always been a vegetarian and as a child, couldn't stand being unable to eat everything that the rest of the world did. Fast forward to today - I wouldn't have it any other way. It started as a religious boundary that I wasn't allowed to cross and is now a lifestyle choice that I make on a daily basis. Yes, sometimes it's a bit of a nuisance or frustrating when I'm at a dinner and need to request the vegetarian option...or have to resort to only eating sides. It is what it is. However I find the frequency in which I find myself in those situations to be diminishing as the world becomes increasingly cognizant and respectful of people with varying dietary preferences. For some (like me) it is a choice. For others, it is a restriction that they have put upon them due to the increase in and awareness of food allergies.

Whatever the case may be, To Eat or Not To Eat is meant as an informational blog for vegans to carnivores and everyone that falls on the gradient in between. The information is of relevance to people of all dietary preferences as you will find interviews with celebs and chefs, event information, travel, in-depth features about the foods we eat, recipes (of course), as well as The Tasty Trio.

And what is The Tasty Trio? The idea came about from so many times visiting restaurants with friends which don't have too much beyond the basic salad for me to eat. BORING! Other times, I suggest going to a vegetarian restaurant and they balk thinking they won't get any good food there. WRONG! So The Tasty Trio happens when two friends and I visit a vegan/vegetarian restaurant or one that offers unique vegetarian menu options. We share our thoughts and insights on the meal so this way readers of all dietary preferences can learn what options they can choose from when making joint restaurant choices. Want to be a part of The Tasty Trio on one of our fun adventures? Email me at tasty.kambosa@gmail.com

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