Albert Haynesworth v Daniel Snyder

In other news today, one of Albert Haynesworth's (formerly of the Tennessee Titans and Washington Redskins fame) ex-teammates has been described as an "awful human being".

Yeah, he didn't use a curse word and he didn't berate his family. He just called him an "awful human being".

The story behind Albert Haynesworth is one of the reasons I say that my love affair with the NFL is a strange one. Why? Because there is absolutely zero loyalty when it comes to this sport. Owners, Head Coaches, Players and other personnel are all out for themselves. The same could be said for everyone everywhere but I do pray sometimes that it's not the case.

Haynesworth won the 2008 defensive player of the year. He was a monster playing at NT in the middle of the defensive line. (He basically clogged up everything at the line of scrimmage and caused havoc).

He was with the Titans at the time and he bolted for the door as soon as his contract was up. He landed himself a multi million dollar contract to the tune of $41 million guaranteed.

What happened next was horrible and probably, no definitely, led to him being called an "awful human being". He purposely stopped playing well in order to get cut by the Redskins, put on weight and basically gave up trying. He did this in order to get cut and signed by another team in the hope that someone would take a chance on him and maybe throw him an extra few million. He was basically stealing money and in any other line of business he would be sued for fraud as he made it semi public knowledge that this was his modus operandi.

All sounds horrible and for the record I do think this is horrible but see the problem is that the Washington Redskins owner is one of the worst owners in the history of the NFL.

Mother Jones (who kindly contributed this photo) did an article on the worst NFL Owners and Daniel Snyder is up there with the most awful.

He once sued somebody over an article he did not read. I am talking power hungry greed of the highest calibre at work here.

Snyder - Middle Right

Snyder - Middle Right

So, in reality, who do you blame? The money hungry player who knew he would be cut if he ever got injured or the poor power hungry billionaire that doesn't really care too much about the money as opposed to losing face.

The system I'm guessing but it is hard to feel sorry for either party when both of them are so corrupt that in a rational world, it could not be comprehended.

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