When we weren't all "Facebook Friends"

I got a flashback to a different time yesterday. A very different time for the kind of people who live in small villages in Ireland. A time when your tried to hide your private life and let people guess. It was an old buddy of mine from school who I hadn't seen in a while. He was after updating his status about something innocuous. I read it and thought nothing of it until I saw him driving down the road the next day.

It was kind of weird. I don't know him anymore and we never directly communicate over Facebook. I felt a little ashamed for a second as to my prying on his public declaration before I realized I had done nothing wrong.

Then I got to think just intertwined we are. It got a little scary for a second.

There's no rest anymore. The only reason there is an on/off switch button on our phone is incase it dies from lack of battery and you need to turn it back on after it's charged. There is no real reason as to why you would turn your phone completely off. Airplane mode is as far as most people are willing to go and even then, you only use that when it is required. For the most part, silent mode will suffice.

If you turn off your phone for a few hours to go for a walk or as a method of relaxation, you are asked if you are trying to avoid someone or something in your life. Almost looked upon as suspicious or as strange behavior. No coverage is barely an excuse anymore because a place so remote as to have no coverage isn't worth being there.

Lost in Technology

Lost in Technology

There's the obvious ones like Facebook and Twitter. Then you have the messaging apps like Whatsapp, Viber and the voice messaging apps like Voxer and HeyTell. Whatever one it is that your friends communicate through. The ones that show the last time you were online are the worst. The term "awkward silence" will be redundant soon as there is no longer such a thing because you whip out your phone and get lost in another world if such a situation decides to arise. It is now awkward when someone writes to you and you want to look at your app but not reply to their message. They will know you are avoiding them. You've read the message and decided not to reply. Now that's awkward!

Back when you called someone on a landline and told them you'd meet them at a destination and barring an accident or emergency, you were there. You had to be because there was no option to text them and tell them you were running late or that you changed your mind on the meeting point. It was a very different time, so different that I almost don't remember it.

Tell you what?! Turn off your phone and relax. You'll feel all the better for it


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