NFL, London, Roger Goodell

NFL, London, Roger Goodell

The NFL's commissioner, Roger Goodell has indicated that he would love to have more games in England. He wishes to expand it's presence in Europe. Ultimately, it seems, he would like to have a team play there permanently. I'm not sure how this would work out logistically or where they would play. There are, however, lots of football stadiums in English that would be well equipped to handle the crowds that an NFL game might bring. The NFL coincides with the English Premier League season and I doubt any team would be happy moving around every week and changing their home field advantage for various different locations in England. As I said, there are many obstacles that might hinder this idea. The team's name, for example? That would probably be the most fun aspect of the situation.


Will Wembley become an NFL team's home?

Will Wembley become an NFL team's home?


It does sound more promising than NFL Europe which ran from 1991 until 2007 where NFL teams would send their worst players to play in a preseason type league with the most embarrassing attendances ever witnessed. Ever since it's termination, Goodell has been trying to expand the league's influence in Europe.

He is aware than Europe boasts some of the most hardcore NFL fans and that they would sell their souls for a ticket to a real live competitive NFL game. This is evident as both games being played in London this year (Vikings v Steelers, Jaguars v 49ers) sold out in no time.

Is there a market for a full schedule? Only time will tell and as the growth continues, it seems Goodell will do his utmost to exploit the drought that European fans feel every year during the regular season as watching it on T.V will only satisfy to a certain extent. It's time to bring the black hole of Oakland and the Lambeau Leap to Europe! Get it done, Mr. Commissioner!

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