Michael Hastings Dies. An Inspiration

I am her today to write about Michael Hastings and the loss of one of the best young journalists in the world. He died in a fiery crash on the 16th of June 2013 in Los Angeles California.

As an aspiring journalist with certain goals and personal time limits I have put on those goals, I often looked at Michael Hastings and his age and hoped that one day perhaps I could cover such hard hitting subjects in such a short period of time. He was 33.

I love words and I love making sentences. I love to pick and choose certain words for certain arguments and I love to back up my opinion with other words to bolster it. There is a knack to putting words in an article that makes sure to illustrate your knowledge of the subject without alienating the layman when reading the article. It was the first piece of advice I received in my early quest to become a journalist "Don't use big words to try and sound smarter". This sounds easy and in theory it use but Michael Hastings was a master at it.

He wrote several articles involving the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and spent a lot of time in both countries. He wrote the article that took down the man overseeing the war with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal. If you get the chance to read the article and have any interest in America's presence in Afghanistan, you should read it here. It is one of the easiest long reads you will find and so informative and friendly, it will almost feel like you are being told a story by a close friend.

He wrote an article on the homophobic element of the American army in the same manner. They are all just refreshingly interesting reads. The kind of article that would make a young man want to become a journalist and rub shoulders with breaking news stories and be honest in the telling of any story.

There will be conspiracy theories and motives and things you didn't hear before he died coming into the open but the only thing you and I know is that the world is mourning a great american journalist. His hard hitting style of journalism was the kind that they don't teach in college. The kind of journalist that a young man can hope to one day become.

R.I.P Michael Hastings.

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