5 Songs that mention the Windy City

5 Songs that mention the Windy City

Whenever anything about Chicago comes up in conversation or on television. It grabs my attention. That is why I love listening to a tune and hearing Chicago mentioned in it, whether it be the theme of the song or the artist is just paying a flying visit. I said I would put together a small list of songs that mention the Windy City that you may or may not have heard before. Aside from their references to the Chi. They are all wonderful songs! Enjoy

Christy Moore - City of Chicago

Being a "Paddy", I figured I would have to start with this one. Christy Moore is an acclaimed singer and songwriter in Ireland. He writes songs about everything from corrupt politicians to emmigration. This one revolves around the former and I listened to it many a time when I lived abroad.

Lisa Hannigan - Passenger

One of my favourite tunes. Lisa is an Irish singer/songwriter and she gives a nod to Chicago in this little tour around America. It appears from the lyrics that she is travelling around the States with an ex lover on her mind. "Walking around Chicago, I have smuggled you as cargo, though you are far away and unknowing". Great tune and very easy listening.

Jason Isbell - Chicago Promenade

Jason Isbell is one of my favourite musicians and this song is just delightful. I can imagine walking around Grant Park on a sunny day in Chicago when he plays this tune. Excellent

Ryan Adams - Dear Chicago

I am often pushed to answer the question of "what is your favourite song?". It changes frequently but I would say that this is more often than not in the top three. It would seem that Adams is speaking of Chicago as a pseudoname for a lost lover. He mentions New York also that may or may not be a woman. Nonetheless, he is writing a love letter to Chicago and it is a cracking tune!

Bob Dylan - Cold Irons Bound

With so much written and said about the wind in Chicago, Bob gives an ode to it's ferocity in this tune. He claims the Chicago Winds have torn him to shreds! I just had to mention Bob Dylan in this article!

Also, I am very interested in hearing many more! So please, feel free to leave a comment and let me know of more songs!

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