An Ode to My Thrifty Mom for Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day day on Sunday, I thought I would spend a few minutes to write about how much I appreciate the original “thrifty girl”, my Mom. I owe her my love of shopping and how to find a good deal. She is always up for seeking out deals; whether it be traveling across the city/suburbs... Read more »

Tax Day Freebies

Tax Day is tomorrow, April 17th. If you need to ease the stress on this day, there are tons of restaurants offering discounts and freebies to take advantage of tomorrow. Applebee’s: Get $1 margaritas, which the chain calls the Dollarita, through April 30. Boston Market Swoop in for a half chicken with two sides, cornbread, and a... Read more »

Online Dating Advice with Mario from Get Game Group

As with most singles my age, I have dabbled in online dating. It can often be a frustrating process that can be disheartening if you aren’t getting the results you want. I found Mario from Get Game Group on Twitter and he is a dating coach with expertise in online dating. He helped me to... Read more »

The Sobering Reality of Abuse

Today, I felt like I needed to take a break from my normal posts and write about a serious subject. Recently, I experienced a break-up that was caused by emotional abuse. After sharing my story with friends and family, I have been overwhelmed with women’s stories of their own experiences with abuse in all forms.... Read more »

Make Your House Smell Like Anthropologie for Less

Happy New Year to everyone! I’ve been in hibernation mode and not writing as often as I should. However, recently, I came across a dupe for one of the most coveted candles and I just had to share. If you are unfamiliar, the Volcano scent candle by Capri Blue is the candle that is lit... Read more »

Chill Out at Chill Meditation & Massage

Happy Holidays everyone! I just wanted to check-in quickly and write about my wonderful experience at Chill Meditation & Massage in River North. I thought I was coming to take a free class but of course, I completely mixed up the dates (whoops). Instead of sending me back out into the cold, the staff suggested... Read more »

TrEAT Me Fest- Definitely not worth $25

Event space
I recently received an email from the promoter of an event called TrEAT Me Fest. They were offering free tickets to the media and sent me two tickets. I guess having a blog is considered “media.” Anyways, my friend Steve and I got an Uber over to the event space, Concord Fiftyfive. It should’ve been... Read more »

Black Friday Recap

I attest that Black Friday is still my favorite day of the year. This has become a tradition between my Mom and me which we continued this year. The past two years we have added a stop at Carson’s on Thursday night to hit up their doorbuster deals. This year did not disappoint and here... Read more »

My Favorite Day of the Year

It’s that time of year again; the start of the holiday shopping season otherwise known as Black Friday! This is my absolute favorite day of the year and no, I’m not one of those crazy people who camp outside a store overnight. Although, I have gone to Walmart on Black Friday at 2 am to... Read more »
Advertisement: Beauty Line

A few months ago, when I wrote about discount grocery sites, I mentioned They sell basic grocery staples and everything on the site is $3. Now, in addition to offering cheap groceries, Brandless started a beauty line and every product is $3. You can check it out here: Brandless Beauty. I am so excited because... Read more »