TrEAT Me Fest- Definitely not worth $25

I recently received an email from the promoter of an event called TrEAT Me Fest. They were offering free tickets to the media and sent me two tickets. I guess having a blog is considered "media."

Anyways, my friend Steve and I got an Uber over to the event space, Concord Fiftyfive. It should've been our first clue that this was being held at a small venue off the beaten path and not accessible by public transit. When we got into the space, I was surprised at how small it was! For an event in which they were charging people $25, I would expect more than a few booths and a bar. The tickets included two drinks, of which neither of us partook.

There were literally at the most 10 booths, one of which was a psychic who was reading Tarot cards for an extra fee. Overall, it was pretty disappointing and something that I will not be recommending to friends. Maybe next time, try having it someplace closer to downtown that is more accessible to people. Also, have more desserts in general. You would expect an event that has the word "treat" in the title to actually feature some desserts.

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