Chill Out at Chill Meditation & Massage

Happy Holidays everyone! I just wanted to check-in quickly and write about my wonderful experience at Chill Meditation & Massage in River North. I thought I was coming to take a free class but of course, I completely mixed up the dates (whoops). Instead of sending me back out into the cold, the staff suggested that I take one of their meditation classes which was starting in a few minutes. I was given a quick tour of the beautiful facility that includes a spa, massage tables, and a meditation room. I put my stuff away in the lockers and headed into the class.

I've done Meditation on my own and using self-guided apps, so I was pretty familiar with the process. Once the instructor, Rainbow, (yes, that's her real name, she assured us), started the meditation, I felt myself drift off. Rainbow's voice was very soothing and she made the class easy and carefree. I was really surprised when she announced that the class was almost over since I was super relaxed and calm.

Since I had such a great experience at Chill, I wanted to pass this along to my readers. They are offering everyone 50% off on their first meditation class until the end of the year. Please follow the below instructions to get the discount:


1) Go to Chill Chicago

2) Click "Schedule" from the Meditation + Yoga drop down 

3) Choose the best class for your schedule and click "Sign Up"

4) Next Click "Create an Account" 

5) Fill in your info and scroll down until you press "Create Account"

6) At Checkout select "Single Session" for $22 and click "Next"

7) Use promo code "TGG" then click "Add"

8) Click "Checkout" and you should be in great shape!!

Let me know if you attend a class and what you thought. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and a wonderful new year!

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