Spring Cleaning means Spring Savings

With the hint of warm weather we had yesterday, it got me thinking about Spring Cleaning. In this annual tradition, we are told that ridding ourselves of unnecessary household items is cleansing for the spirit and helps to usher in the change of seasons. Here are a few ideas to assist you with your own Spring Cleaning process:

-Donate- My big project this year was cleaning out the set of plastic drawers in my closet and bathroom which holds toiletries and beauty products. After years of hording samples that I was never going to use, I decided to donate them. I wasn't sure which type of charity would appreciate them, so after a quick Google search I found Beauty Bus. It is a great organization that takes donations for beauty products and toiletries and gives them to hospital patients and caregivers.

-Sell- I wrote about selling your gently used clothing and accessories here: How To Sell Your Clothes For Cash. However, don't just limit yourself to selling clothing. There are tons of resources for selling furniture and other homegoods online as well.  Other than the popular Craigslist, there is: Apartment Therapy MarketplaceMove Loot and Chairish. These sites are highly curated and some even arrange for your sale and pick-up of sold items.

-DIY- Instead of buying cleaning products that include harmful chemicals, you can make your own that are just as effective. Pinterest and Google are great resources for cleaning product recipes and cleaning hacks.

-Rent or Borrow expensive equipment- Maybe you live in a studio apartment and don't have room for big appliances (like me) or you just can't justify the price of buying these items. Places like grocery stores and rental companies will let you borrow these items for a small fee.

Let me know in the comments how you plan to do your own Spring Cleaning and feel free to share any tips!

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