TrEAT Me Fest- Definitely not worth $25

Event space
I recently received an email from the promoter of an event called TrEAT Me Fest. They were offering free tickets to the media and sent me two tickets. I guess having a blog is considered “media.” Anyways, my friend Steve and I got an Uber over to the event space, Concord Fiftyfive. It should’ve been... Read more »

Black Friday Recap

I attest that Black Friday is still my favorite day of the year. This has become a tradition between my Mom and me which we continued this year. The past two years we have added a stop at Carson’s on Thursday night to hit up their doorbuster deals. This year did not disappoint and here... Read more »

My Favorite Day of the Year

It’s that time of year again; the start of the holiday shopping season otherwise known as Black Friday! This is my absolute favorite day of the year and no, I’m not one of those crazy people who camp outside a store overnight. Although, I have gone to Walmart on Black Friday at 2 am to... Read more »
Advertisement: Beauty Line

A few months ago, when I wrote about discount grocery sites, I mentioned They sell basic grocery staples and everything on the site is $3. Now, in addition to offering cheap groceries, Brandless started a beauty line and every product is $3. You can check it out here:¬†Brandless Beauty. I am so excited because... Read more »

Open House Chicago

Short post today because I just want to publicize this amazing FREE event going on this weekend called Open House Chicago. I only found out about this event a few years ago but it is awesome. Every year around this time, the Chicago Architecture Foundation puts on this amazing event. Basically, you can visit and... Read more »

Quality Makeup on the Cheap

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of buzz surrounding makeup brands that offer high quality products at low prices. I’ve never been the type of person who thought that more expensive beauty products = higher quality. A lot of times you are just paying for the brand name or the status of the brand. I have... Read more »

The Best Labor Day Sales

One of the perks of Labor Day is the weekend sales. I am so excited to get out there and shop this weekend, so I have made a list of some of the biggest sales happening for you to peruse:   -Buy One, Get One Free clearance items at Forever 21:¬† -50% off at J... Read more »

Would You Buy a Subscription for Unlimited Movie Tickets for $10 a Month?

Yesterday, I saw that AMC was trying to fight a company who is offering a subscription service for unlimited movie tickets for $9.95 a month. It sounded too good to be true but as a movie fanatic, it peaked my interest. The company is called MoviePass and their unlimited movie ticket subscription used to cost... Read more »

The Final Sale Holy Grail

This weekend, I went to the annual Highland Park sidewalk sale. I hadn’t attended in a few years and was pleasantly surprised to find a new warehouse store called Final Sale. There was so much name brand clothing on sale, I couldn’t concentrate on what I wanted. I found out that this store is owned... Read more »

Discount Grocery Sites

With the recent news that Whole Foods was bought by Amazon, there has been much speculation about how the way we buy our groceries will change in the coming years. Grocery stores themselves seem to be becoming obsolete as people opt for services like Peapod and PrimeNow. I myself, dread going to the grocery store... Read more »